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Welcome to Guangzhou Shengtong Trading Co.,Ltd

      The founder of Guangzhou Shengtong Trading Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the footwear industry for more than 30 years.  The company is a domestic shoe-making enterprise integrating product design and manufacturing, export and brand operation.  The core business is slippers, sandals and leather shoes.  And involved in sports shoes,  machine shoes,  craft shoes and other fields,  providing design,  production, quality inspection,  sales integration management service system.  It owns more than 10 brand trademarks such as RMC,  step by step, LEITHRIX, etc.,  and sells the world’s five continents with the design concept of “environmental protection, fashion and comfort”.

      The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, China,  with its marketing services in Europe,  the United States,  Africa,  Southeast Asia and other overseas markets.  It has won good reputation among customers in the industry for its excellent quality and excellent service. The company is the “deputy chairman unit of the Guangdong Eastern Chamber of Commerce and Industry”.

       As the company’s operating performance has been growing steadily year after year, the product structure has been continuously optimized, and the customer network has been continuously expanded. Guangzhou Shengtong has always adhered to the corporate culture of “sincere in shoes and serving the world” and actively promotes the concept of “people-oriented, meritocracy”. We have always practiced the management guiding ideology of “three hundred years without change – the heart that has made customers’ unique value does not change for one hundred years, the heart of the employee has not changed for one hundred years, and the heart of the great cause has not changed for one hundred years.” Shengtong people constantly exert and enhance the potential of the company in terms of pioneering spirit and quality service, build a more competitive industrial chain and corporate strategic destiny community, form the greatest sharing and export advantages of enterprise resources, in order to persist in innovation and deepen the spirit of reform. To achieve the upgrade of the company’s comprehensive strength, lead Guangzhou Shengtong and the industry peers to develop together, create brilliant, and wholeheartedly serve the global customers!

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